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Premier Distributor of Used Designer Accessories and More


Discover Rare Products From Beloved Designer Collections

Louis In Love is the premier source for authentic luxury pieces. The Canadian company offers product sales and consignment, ensuring the highest level of quality in every bag, shoe, and more.

Trusted Reseller

The business offers a wide variety of used goods that have been purchased through authorized distributors. Each item undergoes meticulous inspection processes to assess the product’s authenticity, quality, and condition.

Cleaning and Repair

The company offers the services of highly trained and trusted professionals to keep a variety of designer items in excellent condition. They optimize an assortment of tools and materials to make sure each piece is serviced in the best way possible.


Louis In Love is not affiliated with any of the brands they sell. They do not purport to own the rights to any products featured, nor claim to be authorized resellers of new goods from any of the brands featured.

All intellectual property of branded products for sale through the business, including any copyrights and trademarks, are reserved for the original brand holder.

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If you’re interested in learning more about the company’s products and policies, reach out to their friendly staff today.